Uzbekistan Energy Week - UEW 2025

13 - 15 May 2025, Uzexpocentre NEC, International Hotel Tashkent

Participation in Forum

Request for Participation in

If you are interested in participating in the Forum, please fill out the form sent to you by the Organizing Committee.

Participation Request submission deadline is 15 april, 2024.

Forum Participation Options

Participants of the Forum 2024 can choose one of the four participation packages: Speaker Package, Standard Package, or Exhibitor Package.

For more detailed information about the packages and cost of participation in Forum 2023, please contact the Organizing Committee.

Attendance at Forum’s Plenary Session

The Forum participants with the VIP, Sponsor, Speaker, or Standard packages are only admitted to attend the main plenary session on 13 may 2024.

Substitution of Participant

A participant can only be substituted by the decision of the Forum Organizing Committee. If a participant who has already confirmed his/her participation cannot participate in the Forum, for whatever reason, then substitution of such participant will require contacting the respective Organizing Committee’s coordinator within the Working Group.

Payment for Participation

Payment Requirements

To pay for participation in the Forum, a participant is required to fill out an application, with indication of the payer’s information (person or entity that is to make payment) and send the copy of the application to the Organizing Committee along with those bank details necessary for contract execution.

Making Payment at Finance Service Desk

On the day before the event, the participation in the Forum can be paid for by bank card at finance service desk (the payment will instantly arrive in the account of CCA).

Participation in Forum as Moderator or Speaker

To participate as a moderator or speaker at Forum 2023, you are required to file a request with the Working Group responsible for the Forum Programme by sending it to, with the indication of your contact information, job title, company name, a brief summary of your speech and its subject.

Admission to Forum. Event badges

To be admitted to the Forum site, a participant is to receive an official event badge.The badge represents a programmed card, a unique key, which is bound to a participant’s data put into the Forum database. The badge contains the information of its holder: last and first names in English, company name, category of participation, photo, and the Forum logo.

The badge represents a name tag and therefore shall be non-transferable. A participant shall wear his/her badge and also carry the ID document (passport) at all times during the Forum.

Participants are strongly recommended to get the badges in advance when pre-registering.